How To Store an Aluminum Ladder Outside

It is not hard to find an aluminum ladder in the house. In every house where the homeowner carries out some home improvement projects on their own every now and then an aluminum ladder is one of the essential requirements. Though there are other ladders readily available in the market aluminum ladders are always a favorite because of its many benefits. Storing the ladder is one of the challenges that many homeowners face. However one should note that storing an aluminum ladder is not a big deal at all.

The Many Features of an Aluminum Ladder

As mentioned earlier the many plus points of an aluminum ladder is what makes it a lucrative buy. Following are some of the positive features of aluminum ladders worth considering:

  • Aluminum ladders are highly durable
  • Lightweight because of its low density
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easily weldable making joints easy and strong
  • Easy to form into shapes like stiles and ladder rungs

What aluminum ladders are available

When you go out to buy an aluminum ladder then you have a lot of options in your hand. An aluminum ladder is available in various sizes and types. Depending on the type of access you require, you can choose the aluminum ladders. You can choose a short aluminum step ladder if you need to reach low ceilings. You can invest in a extension ladder if you need to reach out to areas like gutters and roofs.

How to store an aluminum ladder outside?

Ideally you would want to store an aluminum ladder inside but if there is not enough space , then you can always opt to place it outside. Aluminum ladders don’t corrode or rust away easily as they are moisture resistant. Hence placing them outside is not a big deal at all. However, you need to place them off the ground so that they are clean. The best way to do so is by using ladder brackets attached to a solid structure. This can ensure that they are stored away safely and cannot be stolen. The ladder brackets however should be made from a durable substance so that it can withstand the wet and cold weather conditions. Also the brackets should be padlocked closed. Moreover they should be sturdy enough to carry the weight of the ladder. Generally you can use two brackets for providing enough support to the aluminum ladders but if the ladders have longer sections then you would need additional brackets which are spaced evenly along the entire length of the ladder. This will ensure that the ladder doesn’t bow and stays in a good condition.

How much space is enough for storing the ladder?

Storing an aluminum ladder is not a big deal but the amount of space that you need to store it nicely will depend on the size of the ladder you have. If you have a short and single section ladder then it will take little space. You can store it in a garage or workshop or tool shed. For ladders with longer sections you have to make other arrangements.