What Should You Know About Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salt, also known as nic salt, is a kind of natural nicotine salt found in tobacco leaves. These salts appear to be simple. However, they have a complex chemical composition. Generally, people in the vaping industry inhale nicotine via e-juices with it in its content. This is the only way you can inhale nicotine in your body. Many users of nicotine salt are happy with the experience it gives you. They say that e-liquids with nicotine salts are simple for you to inhale as it is bio-compatible.

Are nicotine salts bad for you?

Now, here the next question comes in- are nicotine salts bad? Regular users of nicotine salt claim they love the experience of inhaling it because the throat hit is less harsh than regular cigarette smoking. They can consume increased doses of nicotine for every vape. Those users of low powered devices are gradually moving over to nicotine salt for a better vaping experience.

Should you try nicotine salt if you are a beginner to vaping?

There is a tremendous level of advancement in the vaping industry. Users are gearing towards vaping in evolved forms. Today, you can vape with a sensational flavor or conjure beastly clouds in the air. There are credible resources online to help you know more about products that give you those large clouds of vape or intense flavor.

Coming back to nic salts, if you compare them with freebase nicotine, you will find there are some similarities and subtle differences between the two. Conventional nicotine is referred to as freebase nicotine, whereas nicotine salt is found inside tobacco leaves. These salts contain organic compounds and nicotine.

Nic salt refers to the compound where this nicotine is bonded with other chemicals. This is what makes it different from freebase nicotine. Research and studies have been conducted where it has been discovered that nic salts are better when it comes to delivering nicotine to people. Even an experienced experiment on the subject was conducted by an esteemed lab- PAX Lab. The compound benzoic acid’s addition to the nicotine salt reduces its pH, meaning vaping is not as harsh as the nicotine rush you get when you are smoking real cigarettes. There have been multiple experiments conducted to enhance these nic salts for users.

Advantages of nic salts

Nic salts have several advantages, and they have been listed below-

  • Nicotine rushes are faster than freebase nicotine. It generally takes about six to seven seconds like regular cigarette smoking. This was proved by the experiment conducted at PAX Lab
  • It is cheaper- Technically, since nicotine is delivered to your body more efficiently, users vape less and save more on the e-juice. Nic salts might be higher in price; however, it is cheaper in the long run due to the above benefit.
  • The throat hit you get is mild and smooth- You do not get a harsh throat hit, unlike regular cigarette smoking. This is what makes nic salts a super winner in the vaping industry.

If you are a beginner to vaping, switch to nicotine salts only after some months of experience. Since nicotine delivery is strong and high, you will not have a satisfying experience or feeling if you use it for the first time with no vaping experience.