How to Choose a Good Computer

Readers wherever you are, may you always be given health and peace of mind. As we all know, there are many PC or laptop products circulating in the Indonesian market today. Starting from local products, to foreign products.

As a result of these many choices, not a few people feel confused when they have to buy a new PC or new laptop. Even among them there are those who worry, if the things they buy are not in accordance with what they need.

Therefore, on this occasion, we would like to share tips on how to choose a computer so that the purchases we make do not become in vain or wasteful. And right away, no need to be too long, just look at the full description below.

How to Choose a Good Computer

Specifications Like What Processor Do You Want?

In a computer device there is such a thing as a CPU, where the CPU is in charge of processing all commands from the hardware and displaying the processed results on our monitor screen. If likened to a member of the body, this CPU is the brain for computer devices, and the CPU is also known as the processor.

When you go to a store to buy a computer device, usually the guards will ask you, what kind of computer are you looking for, how many GB of RAM do you want, do you want a graphics card connected or not, what kind of hard disk do you want, and many questions. other. But one thing that is most important and you must remember, Pay attention to what processor you choose. Ask the seller about what processor you should choose according to your needs. Explain well that the computer you buy will be used for what.

Pay close attention to the processor when buying a computer. This is the most important point that must be considered. Because it is not small and has become a common habit, a person who uses a computer will definitely run many programs on the computer he uses. Like, opening email, while running the music player.

Or online on YouTube while doing college assignments, and much more. And of course, the higher the activity of a computer, the more intelligent the processor is needed. Therefore, pay attention to the processor you will choose.

For What Purpose The Computer Will Be Purchased?

At this point you must be full of awareness when buying a computer or laptop device, because this item is not a cheap item like hotcakes. Ask yourself, why did you buy a computer? For work? Is it for college? Is it for school children? To play games? To design? For programming language? And much more. After you know the biggest reason you buy a computer or laptop, pay attention to whether you will use the computer alone or with other relatives and family. After all the questions are answered, please follow the next step.

Which do you choose, Graphics card connected or not?

Choosing a graphics card that is integrated into the computer is also an important thing when buying a computer. The graphics card will determine the level of attractiveness of the resulting image on your computer. And the function of this graphics card will be very visible when you run video players, video games, design programs, video editing, and much more.

Not infrequently mistakes occur when someone buys a computer, where he chooses to buy a computer with a separate graphics card (expensive price), then coupled with a low-end processor unit. This is considered an error because the effect of the combination of an expensive graphics card with a low-level processor will not produce a visually contrasting image.

You need to know, if it’s just for playing bluray movies, watching online videos, or just surfing on multimedia websites, such as YouTube. We do not need a computer device that uses a separate graphics card which incidentally has an expensive price.

And one thing to note is that when you have more money to buy a computer with a separate graphics card combined with a low end processor unit, it would be better if you choose to buy a computer with a higher processor level even though the price is a little expensive. This is because, merging a computer with a separate graphics card with a low end processor will not provide maximum visual results.

What Kind of Company Equipment Should We Buy?

As I said before, buying a computer is not buying a bag of hotcakes, buying a computer must be carefully considered so that it is not wasted or wasted. We must have a clear picture, about what kind of computer we are going to buy. However, if you are still confused, see our conclusions below.

a. Choose a computer according to functional, meaning you know, this computer is for private or public. So you can consider its durability.
b. Explain your desire to the seller, that the computer will be used for what.
c. Prioritize high-level processors if you have a lot of money
d. Using money to buy a computer with a separate graphics card is just a waste of money, when combined with a low end processor.
e. Lastly, pay attention to your pockets. Don’t be tempted by an expensive company but your pocket is mediocre.

Maybe that’s all tips or how to choose a good computer from kiddocontenidos. Hopefully this article can be useful and add a little knowledge about the computer world. Don’t forget to follow this account to get other useful articles.

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