How to Teach Kids to Create YouTube Content

Once you have chosen one of the content ideas that suits your child’s interests and talents, then you must be able to teach your child to create interesting YouTube content.

Here are some ways you can teach your kids to create content.

1. Start with a Video Theme and Concept

All YouTube content creators certainly want many people to see the content. To achieve this, you need to find video ideas with unique themes and concepts. These can range from drawing, DIY crafts, lifestyle, cooking shows, tech content, primitive toys, to singing content.

Apart from the theme, you and your child also need to pay attention to things that can make the video more interesting. One example is by using hashtags or using interesting titles.

2. Understand the Rules of Creating YouTube Content

Once you’ve decided on a YouTube content idea for your kids, you also need to understand the YouTube rules involved in creating that content. So, before you start recording videos, it’s better to avoid things that are prohibited on YouTube. The goal is that the video you make is not blocked just because you violate YouTube rules unknowingly.

The rules in making YouTube videos that you need to know are as follows:

  • Videos should not contain harsh and inappropriate words.
  • Use good and polite clothing when creating content.
  • Video creation must be entertaining and not confuse the audience.
  • Must not insult or harm certain parties.

3. Help your children record videos

You need to know that the video recording process is not easy for children to do. For that, you can help your child in recording the video. However, before you record the video, make sure that all the properties are available properly and completely. That way, the child will be more free in creating content.

Also, pay attention to the focus and zoom on the camera while recording the video. Don’t forget to equip your child with a microphone! So that the sound in the video is clearer and cleaner. You can also help your child to be braver and less nervous when in front of the camera. Teach them not to forget to interact with the audience!

Which kids YouTube content idea do you want to try?

So, the kids YouTube content ideas that you can try are drawing, crafts, lifestyle, cooking, technology, primitive toys, or singing. Don’t forget to support and encourage your kids to create more content that is useful for others!